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Space works with ALL CCS Software Providers. Our team will set up your connection for you. Register your service on Space.

Fill your vacancies with Space. Free.

Whether you need to boost your occupancy after COVID-19 or simply better manage the demand you already have, Space is here to help.

Space makes it simple and secure to increase your occupancy by listing your services on a free parent search tool, allowing families to find your information easily. With Space, you’re in full control of your vacancies, fees, enrolment process and how you interact with families.

  1. Generate more enquiries. As Australia’s largest software provider for ELCs, we are heavily vested in helping services rebound from COVID-19. All services listed on Space will get a free boost in enquiries from our parent marketing activities.
  2. Increase enrolment conversion. Manage enquiries from your website, Facebook page and listing sites in one online dashboard that can be accessed from anywhere, on any device. Set up automated responses and reminders, and use smart-filters to manage enquiries and tour bookings more effectively.
  3. Use with any CCS platform. We have created Space as a stand-alone platform that can be used in parallel with any CCS platform (not just QikKids and Xplor). If your software package has digital enrolment forms, you can additionally set up an automated enrolment sync.
  4. Reduce cost. We have committed to providing Space for free to all services, including those which are not customers of ours. We will ensure centres are supported through these challenging months ahead.

Space works with ALL CCS Software Providers. Our team will set up your connection for you.

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Adriana – Broadmeadows ELC

“Space is excellent. We have already had 20 enquiries this week. I am relieved that I don’t have to try and find notes of where I wrote down an enquiry, I can easily access everything from Space.”

Michelle – Gaia’s Nest

“Space is incredibly user-friendly and looks really nice. I love the filters and the easy sorting through enquiries to find the appropriate room.”

Alex – Mawson Lakes Park Way Childcare

Space has made it easier for parents to making tour bookings because they can do it directly to my centre and it prevents miscommunication from using a spreadsheet or a diary.”