QikKids Payments – Get paid on time every time with Australia’s biggest childcare payment service

Get paid on time, every time. A fully automated and industry-secured parent payment solution that simply connects to your QikKids providing you with a seamless electronic process for collecting fees from parents. Boasting fantastic features that free up your time, QikKids Payments automatically adjusts balances of fees and gives you loads of reports eliminating trips to the bank and boring data entry.

Through the flexibility of terms within QikKids, you have the ability to provide your parents with a variety of billing options and periods all to guarantee improved cash flow for your business.

It’s not too good to be true as QikKids Payments securely manages millions of parent payment every year.


5.00 out of 5

Kirsten Berry –
National Operation Manager – Greenleaves

“It takes a lot of the work load off the Directors so they don’t need to consistently chase families for money, and importantly able to have nice relationships with families. It’s a very easy system for us to manage the debts and control the debts at centre level.”


  • Secure and instant payments according to industry security measures for your data protection
  • Connected to the cloud for security and accessibility
  • Reduce time spent chasing overdue fees by automatically deducting ongoing fees from parents accounts
  • Account balances automatically adjusted even if payments are declined
  • Flexible billing frequency and payment options for parents Direct Debit, BPAY, Credit Card etc.
  • Reduced need to keep cash on premises
  • No need to re-key account information or enter payments manually saving time

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