Using customisable, CWA compliant online enrolment forms to make it easy for you and your parents!

Save your staff time by allowing Enrol to digitally create detailed, CWA compliant offers that you control – collect only the info you need while also removing parent confusion about CWA compliance!

Families conveniently receive their enrolment confirmations online through the My Family Lounge parent portal, and can track their enrolment statuses anytime.

“Online enrolment is so quick now parents are filling forms out the previous night and booking in the next morning! Before, families had to fill out 3 lengthy paper forms for their 3 kids and they were frustrated because it took them forever with Enrol it only took 10 minutes and was SO MUCH EASIER, you could just see the RELIEF for the parents!

We have 10 to 20 new enrolments every month, so Enrol really streamlines the booking and enrolment process, taking valuable time and pressure off staff!– Tricia Hackett, Program Coordinator, YMCA Casey ARC

Built as a multi-faceted solution for your service, Enrol further gives you centralised waitlist management, casual and permanent bookings, occupancy overviews – all automatically integrated with QikKids  for storage and simplicity.

Empower parent management of enrolments today and reduce your admin work with a free Enrol demo!