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Together – We’ll make education great.

To achieve this, TSG a global revenue management solutions company acquired both QikKids and Xplor to revolutionise the child care software offering in Australia. Through the merging of these two worlds your child care service, with another 7,000 more across the nation, are guaranteed to benefit from this combined powerhouse resource that is obsessing over you, your team and the success of your business. Your wish list is now materialised as joint innovation teams only deliver the best from our desktop-based QikKids products into a cloud-based administrative platform (called ‘Office’), an educator app (called ‘Playground’) and the free parent app (called ‘Home’). Although your service will now have software that is easy, fun, mature and intuitive to use, it’s the warm relationships cemented with yourself and your team that is the driving motivation behind achieving this ultimate goal of delivering the best educational experience ever.

Together, more is possible.

Evolution of products onto cloud platform

A visual representation of the products evolving into a single sign-on cloud platform.