QikKids is Australia’s leading childcare software provider, part of Xplor Childcare & Education, servicing over 9,200 providers in Australia and New Zealand.

Through its complete suite of childcare platforms available, QikKids provides parents and educators with a simple and effective way to monitor and manage your childcare centre. After merging with Xplor Childcare and Education, QikKids now offers several cloud-based solutions as part of its ecosystem, including an administrative platform (Office), an educator-centred app (Playground) that helps educators manage their day-to-day reporting and observations and the free parent app, Home. QikKids’ goal is to help families and childcare centres build stronger connections with their children while staying compliant in all aspects. That starts with providing simple and intuitive tools that ensure efficiency and accuracy. QikKids’ motivation isn’t just to make caring for kids more manageable, fun and efficient—we’re here so you can spend more time making an impact on the lives of young children.