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Transition to CCS

Find below all the information you need to transition your services to the new CCS platform.
This step by step guide includes links to video tutorials and online guides to make transition easy and help take your parents to the new system. The key steps are:

1. Create your Provider in QikKids and Sync services
2. Transition your children’s enrolments from CCMS to CCS
3. Utilise the CWA report to ensure compliance (optional)
4. Refresh your CCS enrolments
5. Commence using the CCS system

Transition Steps

Step 1: Create your Provider in QikKids, and Sync services

The first step of transition is to enter all of the key information actioned in PRODA around your provider and activate the provider and services in QikKids. This video will take you through this process so your provider/s and service/s are complete:

CCS Transition Video

Read the Transition Instructions Frequently Asked Questions

Step 2: Transition your children’s enrolments from CCMS to CCS

Once you have created your provider and linked your service/s, it is important to transition your children’s CCMS enrolments to CCS. To see how to migrate enrolments, skip to 7:35 in the video. This video will take you through the process of migrating these CCMS Enrolments and submitting the new CCS Enrolments to the Government through the new CCS operations tool.

CCS Transition Migrating Enrolments Video

Dealing with Problem Enrolments

Step 3: Utilise the CWA report to ensure compliance (optional)

For many services, the introduction of CWA’s has meant there is additional sign off required from parents prior to the 2nd July to ensure compliance. Once you have migrated your enrolments you are able to run a new report in QikKids which will provide you with a 1 page report per child detailing their bookings, session hours and fees as well as some other general text around CWA’s. You are able to print these reports and provide to parents for sign off.

Note this is optional for you to action as you may have another process you have developed to ensure your service/s is CWA compliant. View this help guide to see how to create and understand the report:

Complying Written Arrangement (CWA)

Step 4: Access Parent Entitlements

From mid June you are able to not only create CCS Enrolments however you can also access the parent entitlements, allowing you to report on your parents eligible hours and percentage of CCS. For assistance in accessing these entitlements we have provided the following help item:

>Help Guide

Step 5: CCS was Launched on the 2nd July

Continue in QikKids as normal in marking attendances, using QK Kiosk and generating charges and statements.

CCS Live Webinars

CCS Self-Paced Training Videos

Useful Government Links

Where do I find the codes needed for the CCS Transition in QikKids?

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Managing your Activation Code

Activation Codes