Simplify payments,
Activate PayNow

Offer more convenient payment methods to increase cash flow
at your centre.

Activating PayNow helps you save time, money and effort. You can also access handy, detailed reports at the end of financial year.

PayNow is 100% automated—less admin work for you.

Enter your centre’s information into our calculator to see how much you could be saving with PayNow!

Business Costs

Yearly Savings

Admin Costs Debitsuccess
Per Week $875.00 $354.79
Per Month $3,791.67 $1,537.43
Per Year $45,500.00 $18,449.18

*Estimated savings are based on all childcare fee transactions being processed with Debitsuccess.

Parents love smooth transactions. Provide families with another convenient payment method that’s both simple and flexible. PayNow is available to QikKids centres using the Home parent app and Debitsuccess. It’s easy to navigate and activate.

Enabling PayNow is hassle-free, requires no additional hardware and can be free of charge.*

*Centres can choose whether to pay transaction fees or pass them on to the customer

We’re here to help! We have in-house specialised support for services and families. Please contact our support team with any of your PayNow questions.

Simple, Convenient & Mobile Payment Facility

With PayNow, parents can easily stay on top of their bills—they can pay off their dues quickly and easily, whenever they like.

  • It’s mobile! Parents can catch up on fees whenever, wherever.
  • Ad hoc payments can be made via the Home app.
  • PayNow transactions reconcile automatically.
  • All payments will be reflected in the transaction listing as “Daily PayNow”.
  • Balance and statements are updated within an hour.
  • Transactions settle in 2 business days.

Activating PayNow (QikKids)

You can activate PayNow in your Permissions Settings if you have Administrator privileges or Manage Home Integration permission.

  • Go to Extensions, find Home Integration, select “Service Registration”.
  • Select a service/s name by checking the box, then click “Register checked Services”.
  • Once the services are registered, they can be integrated.
  • Click on Extensions, then choose “Service Integration” under Home Integration.

Activating PayNow (Office)

  • Simply go to your App Settings.
  • Scroll down to Home.
  • Find PayNow.
  • Click the toggle button. It will appear orange when enabled.

PayNow is powered by DebitSuccess, an internal payment system for QikKids and Xplor. Should your centre decide to migrate to the cloud in the future, integrating accounts and payments is a breeze with our unified ecosystem.

PayNow for Parents

Want to use PayNow, but worried parents will have questions? We’ve got you covered with a parent resouce page (parents can contact PayNow support directly).