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Supporting you through COVID-19

Following the recent COVID events that are unfolding in VIC, we want to reassure you and your service that there are options to help during these uncertain times.

  • Occupancy has dropped 28% during COVID. We’re offering you a free enquiry management program that will help increase your occupancy, all neatly accessed from a user-friendly dashboard. 

  • 81% of VIC services now use contactless sign-in. Parents and administrators sign in/out on their own mobile phones to avoid touching the same devices and stopping the spread.

  • 49% of services in VIC now offer live learning. Ensuring your educators can stay connected and engaged to children in your service.

  • 82% of services offer online payments for parents. Families are more comfortable moving to automated payments, removing the concern of contamination that comes with card/cash payments and helping keep parent accounts under control.

  • Increased parent engagement to retain families. Push notifications provide instant updates and reassurance to families of how their little loved one’s are doing, helping to retain families.

Get in touch to understand how services are using our cloud products to help them provide a healthier, safer future for their families and team.

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Celine – Manly OOSH

“Thank you to all of you, in particular for your help and advice with managing our service during COVID.

Qikkids has a great support and IT team who are very professional, experienced and helpful to all of us. Also, it’s a good step forward with merging with Xplor to offer us better technology.”