Face-to-Face Group training

We are on the road again coming to train you face-to-face on QikKids and all the new CCS updates. This quality training gives you the opportunity to have real life interaction with our expert QikKids trainer; Dee. You can trust that your specific questions and scenarios will be addressed by the best person imaginable, Dee has over 11 years QikKids experience, and 18 years experience within our beloved child care industry.

In these 3 hour sessions we will be particularly focused on CCS, reinforcing the best practices in managing CCS and related items.

The session will include:

• Managing CCS Enrolments effectively
• Managing CCS Sessions and dealing with issues
• ACCS management
• CCS and ACCS Payment queries
• QikKids Reporting
• CCSS Care and Vacancy Management
• Q & A session

Each session is $130 per person and it’s highly recommended that you get as many staff to join you as possible because the more people that know how to manage CCS, the easier day to day CCS operations will be for your service. Please note once your booking is made it’s locked in for that date and time and can not be changed.


Simply click, register and pay for an event that suits your busy diary, we can’t wait to see you there!

03-Sep-2019 Hobart, TAS – 3 September 2019 – 9am to 12pm


Lynette – Manager – Circular Head Children’s Services Inc – Burnie TAS
“Sarah was amazing and so helpful and informative!!! I took heaps of strategies away from the session to support our services transitioning over to CCS. “.

Debbie – Director – Debbies Little Buddies Early Learning Centre – Burnie TAS
“Sarah was great. she was happy to answer all of our questions and concern and explained the information so it was easy to understand. very helpful!”.

Erin – Director – Spraoi Child Care – Burnie TAS
“It was wonderful to be able to have a face to face seminar with someone with so much knowledge around QikKids. I felt there was so much more Sarah could have shared with us but the time just didn’t allow this. I feel that so many people are not using the software to its full potential and I feel that more face to face roadshows would be well supported in our area”.

Pam – Manager, Support Services – Discovery Early Learning Centres – Burnie TAS
“Sarah was great and easy to listen to and made us all feel comfortable and able to ask questions at any time. While feeling daunted at times with the upcoming changes this session assisted with clarification on a few things and to know we can have extra support as 2 July gets closer. thank you”.