Training Roadshows in 2020

Thank you for your interest in our Training Roadshows! We’ve had an excellent 2019 season being on the road again coming to train you face-to-face on all things QikKids. We hope you’ve had a fantastic time with our expert trainer; Dee, who has over 11 years of QikKids experience, and 18 years’ experience within our beloved child care industry.

In these 3-hour sessions we focused on CCS, reinforcing the best practices in managing CCS and related items, including:

  • Managing CCS Enrolments effectively
  • Managing CCS Sessions and dealing with issues
  • ACCS management
  • CCS and ACCS Payment queries
  • QikKids Reporting
  • CCSS Care and Vacancy Management
  • Q & A session

*Please note that unfortunately, there are currently no further roadshow events scheduled until 2020 – but we’ll be sure to inform you when the next round of events are happening, and as always, we look forward to seeing you there!