Manage your end-of-year tasks more efficiently with our step-by-step guide

Help you and your staff close out the year successfully and prepare for a bumper 2022.

The end of the year often results in many administrative tasks. Even though it may be a busy time for you and your business, managing those engagements cohesively and efficiently is essential.

Our guide, Managing End-of-Year Processes in QikKids, will help you with end-of-year tasks like:

  • Managing temporary closures 
  • Increasing fees 
  • Managing rolls in QikKids 
  • Managing bookings in QikKids 
  • Reporting new fee changes and changes in operating hours to CCS 

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Once you’ve wrapped up 2021, it’s time to focus on 2022. Our digital marketplace, Space, can help your center with: 

  • Single sign-in for all of your enquiries, bookings and lead management   
  • Dedicated listings page to divert relevant family inquiries  
  • Syncing online platforms with your enrolment system   
  • Automated marketing for your business for increased visibility to parents