Manage your EOFY needs with ease

Keep all the tasks, dates and reports in mind that you’ll need as the financial year ends.

Despite a very challenging year for businesses, including early childhood education and care services, the end-of-financial year responsibilities remain. The time has come for Australian businesses, like yours, to prepare tax returns, financial statements and assess their financial health. 

To give you a head start this tax season, we have prepared a guide with important dates, report names and a table showing you where to find those reports. 

Here are some of the tasks you need to complete during this very important time: 

  • Organise & gather all necessary records and documents such as bills, payments, Business Activity Statements (BAS), bank statements, etc. 
  • Prepare a list of your business’s tax-deductible expenses. These may include vehicle, travel, rent, phone or communication expenses. 
  • Examine your insurance and business structure, and update it if necessary. Consider whether your circumstances have changed since the previous financial year. 

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QikKids helps with your EOFY duties—the reports and functionality your service needs

QikKids offers time-saving and convenient reports that will help streamline your end-of-financial year submissions and requirements. Provided that you’re always updating your reports and submissions throughout the year, wrapping up the end of your financial year will be smoother and simpler when the time arrives.

Among the many convenient reports QikKids centres like yours can access are: 

  • Enrolment summary report—access all the information for a child’s CCS enrolment in this report, including CCSS Entitlement information (CCS statuses, CCS percentage and CCS hours).   . 
  • CCSS remittance from attendances report—use this report to reconcile the payments your centre has received from CCSS for a certain period. 
  • Unmarked rolls report—you can find all the children who have unmarked rolls for the selected date range. 

Read our handy guide to learn more about these reports—and where to find them in QikKids.