A Child Care Reporting Service Focused on Parent Involvement: For Curriculum and Resource Management, Portfolios, Batch Reports and More

With a track record of reliable family engagement, QK Technologies has always focused on parents in the development of our childcare technologies. After all, we know that parent involvement is one of the most critical factors for a child’s academic success and healthy development. Getting busy parents involved and excited about their young child’s progress at school or day care is something we strive for with the technology we provide. From the My Family Lounge app to the newly revamped QK Journeys program, we make it easy for parents to be involved with early childhood learning.

QK Journeys
With the QK Journeys program, your child care centre can not only help parents stay up to date on their child’s progress, it can help with other management needs as well. To start with the basics though, this childcare management system makes it easy to share progress with parents through a child portfolio that not only reports important milestones in line with the Early Years Learning Framework but also shares the journey of learning itself with parents and other caregivers.

That means parents can see aspects such as their child’s learning goals, and daily updates, but they also have access to specific learning stories that flesh out what’s happening more clearly and give them a better idea of how their child is behaving and feeling while at school or day care. After all, learning isn’t just about meeting goals and milestones; it’s about the journey a child takes to get there.

Easy to Use
For parents, having such a rich picture of their child’s care is an amazing advancement. QK is excellent for care centre providers too though. With enhancements, available for curriculum and resource management our system makes it easy to ensure you’re on track to provide the kids you’re responsible for with everything they need. So, in addition to making it easy to create child care reports and share those with parents, QK software can help you keep track of how different children are doing internally, and make sure that resources are efficiently used and to the benefit of every child. One feature that many at the 10,500+ childcare services across Australia & New Zealand already using QK software really appreciate is the batch reporting tool. Rather than going through each report by hand, you can pull together records for all the kids you’re responsible for in one place. In addition to making it much easier to keep up with your reporting requirements, seeing all these records in one place can make it easier to spot issues and address them quickly.

Trusted by so many child care providers and parents, QK Technologies is part of the Australian Childcare Association, and our goal is to make it as easy as possible to manage early childhood education and care. To this end, we also offer several training opportunities as well as attentive customer support, so if something goes wrong or you just need an update on new features, we can get you caught up quickly and easily. To learn more, or try the QK Journeys software for yourself, get in touch with us online.