Child Care or Day Care App for Childcare or Daycare Providers

Keeping up with childcare management technology is easier than you think. QK Technologies makes it easy for you to control your administrative enrolment and payment functions. We’re passionate about childcare and have developed management software that will streamline and enhance the day-to-day functioning of your business. Our unique child care app, My Family Lounge, has an array of features that your parents will love. We have harnessed our extensive experience as Australia’s leading Childcare management software for the last fifteen years to continue bringing you innovative and efficient programs. Our services not only come with our extensive knowledge of payment and enrolment systems but also include familiarity with legislative requirements to ensure you stay in compliance and don’t miss out on any benefits. We are already familiar with the upcoming July 2018 Jobs for Families Child Care Package and will stay on top of developments to provide the best services to your business.

Parents Love Our Day Care App
When we say, “There’s an app for that!” we’re not kidding. Our exclusive My Family Lounge app offers incredible access for your families to items such as enrolment, waitlist, and customised registration forms. Even more, the My Family Lounge day care app, when paired with our QKeYLM program, lets the parents open a window into their child’s daily activities through staff reporting of observations, events, photos, and artwork. Your parents will feel more connected than ever to their kids, and you get a chance to keep that valuable parent connection going in a modern, easy-to-use way. We even provide training for your staff on how to use our software, making their jobs that much easier. The My Family Lounge daycare app will contribute to making your service that much more attractive to prospective parents.

Increased Efficiency
Our software programs are offered a-la-carte, so you only buy the ones you need for your business. Our products also work together to form a seamless unit when you want to add on to the functionality of our QikKids base program. You can choose just the services you prefer, receive training on how to use them, and of course take advantage of our long-term support and our daycare app. When you call QK, you’ll speak with one of our highly-trained support team, not sit in a queue waiting for help. We value your time and know that you’d rather be out with your staff and kids instead of stuck at a desk. As the market leader in childcare management systems in Australia, QK Technologies has assisted thousands of childcare services, including Goodstart, G8 Education, Guardian, and Affinity Education Group. You can trust us to develop a package to meet your needs and increase your management efficiency.

We’d love to show you a demonstration of our programs and work out a customised package of programs with our childcare app that are suited just for your business. We can help you manage everything from detailed child and contact records to enrolment and fees. Call us on 1300 367 770 for more information.