Comprehensive Child Care Software Service and Solutions System

If you are in the business of child care service you understand the need for accurate record keeping. For over 15 years QK Technologies has provided child care solutions with QikKids, our comprehensive and powerful software for child care providers. This program streamlines the record keeping process and makes it easy to find essential information.

QikKids allows users to view bookings and debts owed, as well as attendance rolls and contact information for the children under your supervision. The program can be used in one centre, or across a large child care system network, making it perfect for larger providers of child care service.

We believe that those in the industry of caring for children should be able to focus their energies on their clients, rather than using valuable time bookkeeping, and our programs are here to assist. Our easy to use interface, along with our highly renowned support ensures that you can spend less time on the computer managing your records, and more time providing the child care service your clients expect and demand.

Enhanced Child Care Solutions
For the best record keeping, you need a program you can trust. QikKids is that program. Additionally, it has the potential for use in a broad network of facilities; it is modifiable using our enhanced child care software programs. We have several add-ons available for the core program, and each one is easily integrated into the main program.

QK Kiosk is one such enhancement. This add-on allows parents to sign their children in and out digitally and quickly. You will not have to chase them around to sign a sheet of paper or bother them if their child is absent. Based in the cloud for security and convenience, you can access this program by phone, tablet, or computer.

This excellent feature reduces time spent on administrative duties and makes it easy for parents to drop their kids off and go without spending precious time waiting around to sign an attendance sheet. QK Kiosk is a must have for any child care system, whether you operate one centre or twenty.

Another add-on that will save you time and make business operation easier is QikPay. This program is an automated billing and payment solution for your network. Accessible directly through QikKids, QikPay makes it easy to collect fees from parents on an ongoing basis via direct debit or BPay, making it one of the best child care solutions available when it comes to the sometimes-stressful situation of demanding payment.

Trustworthy Client Support Services
We understand that using a new computer program can be difficult at first, which is why we make every attempt to keep our programs user friendly and intuitive. However, if you are having trouble using our software, do not hesitate to make contact. We have a skilled and knowledgeable support staff that can troubleshoot your issues and get things running smoothly. QK Technologies is here to help you operate your child care system at maximum efficiency.