Find Support for Child Care Subsidy Training with the QikKids Roadshow, Webinars, and CCSS Software to Help with a Complying Written Arrangement (CWA)

Impending changes to the existing child care system have some parents concerned. In July of 2018, existing Child Care Benefit and Child Care Rebate programs will be abolished, and their functions taken over by the new Child Care Subsidy. The new system comes with several changes that have the potential to affect Australian families, so it is advisable to prepare for them. One of the best ways to learn about how these changes can affect your service is by looking for comprehensive CCS training that will allow you to explain impending changes to the families that depend upon facilities such as yours.

How CCS Changes May Affect the Families Who Count on Your Business
Families that hope to receive the new Child Care Subsidy will need to meet specific criteria. One of the requirements they will have to fulfil is the completion of a Complying Written Arrangement, (or CWA). A CWA is a type of formal contract drawn up between the service and the family, which explains the details of the enrolment in question. A valid CWA must meet content requirements as dictated by Family Assistance Law in Australia. As such, it will require families to provide the following information:

Trust an Established Company to Provide Your Child Care Subsidy Software
QK Technologies can help. We are already widely trusted throughout Australia for our leading childcare payment service, QikPay. Now, we are introducing QikKids Training Roadshow to help educators, administrators and service owners to acclimate to the changes that Child Care Subsidy is poised to bring. Child Care Subsidy training via Roadshow can allow your staff to learn what their new personnel roles will be under CCS, and train you to prepare the families you serve accordingly. We also offer comprehensive Child Care Subsidy Webinars that can help your staff leave behind defunct CCMS processes and adopt the new tasks required by CCS. These transition webinars will also cover the physical changes that will occur to QikKids so that current users of our industry-standard childcare management platform can be ready well in advance. At QK Technologies, we’ve built an unimpeachable reputation on the quality of our technology and the versatility of our service. Let us continue to provide you with the support you’ve come to expect for your childcare facility when you integrate QikKids Training Roadshow into your existing suite of childcare management software and stop worrying about CCS changes. For more information, reach out to a member of our team at any time and ask for further clarification.