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With the new Child Care Subsidy taking effect this July, many changes are coming to the world of early child care and childhood education. As CCS replaces the old system, we can all expect several alterations, including a requirement to report the exact times children arrive at a child care centre on a given day and when they leave. Beyond this, there are additional reporting requirements intended to keep kids safe and make sure children across Australia are getting the care and attention they need.

At QK Technologies, we’re excited about these significant changes and have been working hard to prepare updated child care management software that makes it easy to switch over without missing a beat. We understand that many service providers are anxious and not sure what to expect, but with QK behind you, the transition to CCS can be seamless and easy. First, let’s look at what this new legislation will mean for those who provide child care solutions.

What to Expect
On 2 July 2018, the Jobs for Families Child Care Package legislation will go into effect, replacing the previous subsidy and rebate system with the Child Care Subsidy. Along with the new subsidy approach, one of the biggest changes will be reporting the precise times a child was under your care a change that will be in effect as of late 2018. For child care management programs such as those provided by QK, it means we’ll be making some changes and updating our software products, especially the QK Journeys program which allows caregivers and parents to manage a child’s adherence to the Early Years Learning Framework.

How QK Can Help
So, if you’re worried about the new reporting requirements, don’t! QK is here to help and we’re aiming to make it as easy as possible for child care providers to switch over, whether you’re already using our child care technology or not. There are a few big steps we’ve taken to make this as easy as possible. First, we’re offering a series of informational webinars intended to get you up to date on what’s going to change, as well as how to use QK tools such as the QK Kiosk and other services to stay in line with the new requirements.

Enhanced Programs
Beyond that, we offer a range of enhancement programs for the basic version of the app that can help you track additional information and documents related to the children under your care. We’ve spent much of the past year working on enhancements to the basic program that will make reporting much simpler under the increased CCS requirements. With over 10,500 centres across Australia & New Zealand already trusting QK Technologies’ solutions, it was crucial that we prepare for the changeover well to make sure they’re ready to switch. To see what QK can do for you, or register for one of the upcoming CCS webinars, contact us today.