Give Parents More Freedom to Be a Part of Their Child’s Daily Care, with Child Care Management Software Solutions from QK Technologies

Having a reliable Child Care Management System (CCMS) in play for your child care service can have several positive impacts. Not only will a good CCMS make life easier for you and your employees by making it simpler to manage bookings, waitlists, customer payments, child info, and family contact details, but it can also give parents a chance to be more involved with the daily care of their children.

At QK Technologies, we view parent involvement as an essential aspect of the child care experience. Parents who feel they have a good grasp of what their children are doing at child care feel more involved with their kids’ lives. This type of transparency can also benefit your business because it can give parents peace of mind that their children are in good hands. Our motto about parent involvement is that ‘It’s more than access, it’s a timeless connection,’ and we have strived to build that motto right into the DNA of our child care management software.

How We Involve Parents in Our Child Care Management Solutions
So how do we design our child care management solutions with both child care services and parents in mind? We start by offering an extensive range of software to go along with QikKids, which is our core CCMS. These additional programs, like QKeYLM and QK Enrol, are designed in part to make life easier for parents. QikPay offers automatic parent payment solutions, while QK Enrol is a parent portal through which parents can track where their children are on the waitlist, manage their bookings and more.

However, simply offering online solutions for payment, enrolment and child care management wasn’t enough to serve parents effectively. On the contrary, with the rise of mobile devices, it’s become more common for your customers to do much of their web browsing on smartphones or tablets. Furthermore, parents need a way to manage their kids’ child care bookings on the go, whether to book a last-minute child care slot or to cancel a slot that is no longer needed. We wanted to create a child care management service that adequately met the needs of parents who are constantly on the go and plugged into their mobile devices.

The solution was our My Family Lounge App. Essentially, this mobile application is just a parent portal that allows parents to tap into your child care management system. However, by taking the portals of online services like QKeYLM and QK Enrol and putting them into a mobile app, My Family Lounge offers a more convenient way for parents to manage their child care and to connect with their children throughout the day. Not only can parents use My Family Lounge to change bookings or monitor waitlist positions, but they can also use it to view photos, journal entries, artwork, and daily observations. In other words, My Family Lounge lets parents stay more aware of what their kids are doing at day care.

Serve Parents More Effectively with a Child Care Management System from QK Technologies
By allowing parents to engage more with what their kids are doing daily, your child care centre can serve families more effectively and satisfactorily. The efficiency and capability of My Family Lounge (as well as the other child care management services we offer at QK Technologies) will help your business win and retain more customers, simply because we can help you provide features that parents want. To learn more about what our software does (and how it can help your business grow), call 1300 367 770.