How a Parent Digital Sign In, or Out Program Can Assist with Marking Rolls, Messaging, and More

Parents who drop their children off at a childcare facility may face significant anxiety, and a reputable facility is responsible for reducing that anxiety in any way they can. Once a parent has signed their child into daycare, for example, the staff must then walk around the building double-checking to make sure that all the information on the sign-in sheet has been entered correctly and making a note of any discrepancies. The staff must then record their findings—marking rolls and accounting for missed sign in (or out) entries. It can be a tedious process, but there are ways to make it easier and more accurate.

The Challenges of Manual Data Entry
Many day cares and other childcare facilities use childcare management software such as QikKids. QikKids is the leading platform of its kind in Australia, with more than 10,500 childcare centres across Australia & New Zealand that make use of it daily to facilitate more than 10 million transactions each year. However, using QikKids alone will not prevent your staff from needing to mark their rolls and enter the results manually. For that reason, the parent company behind QikKids has developed another technology capable of reducing the work your day care staff must do to maintain a safe and responsible environment in your facility.

A Parent Digital Sign in and Out Program Designed for the Times
QK Kiosk is a parent digital sign-in program (and a parent digital sign out program) designed to make it easier for staff at day cares and other childcare facilities to mark rolls without errors or wasted time. With QK Kiosk, parents will sign their children in or out on an iPad during pickup and drop-off, and QikKids will automatically mark the roll for them. It also boasts features such as parent messaging, which can make it easy to alert parents or remind them of missed attendance. In this way, staff members at each participating facility will gain more time and be better equipped to help the children who depend on them for meaningful support instead of having to perform constant head counting duties.

Incoming CCS changes will also highlight the need for software of this type late in 2018. Current legislation requires child care services to submit attendance and session times for the children under their care at the end of each week, but once the new system comes into effect it will require them to include exact times along with this information. Since QK Kiosk records each sign in or sign out at the moment it is entered, such data can be provided automatically and save participating facilities valuable time that would otherwise be spent recording it.

Safeguard your business from challenges caused by new legislation and reduce the strain on your staff when you use a program such as QK Kiosk to improve your data acquisition and reporting practices. The efficiency you gain will help put parents’ minds at ease, increase their level of trust in your work, and allow you to thrive under the new FAL legislation when the rule comes into effect in late 2018. Contact QK Technologies to learn more about how our products can improve your practices.