Playground gets new Messenger feature

Educators can now easily communicate with parents with Playground’s new Messenger feature. 

Playground, QikKids’ educator platform, is every educator’s reliable partner when it comes to administrative work, documentation, observations, parent communication and health and safety tracking. Now, Playground boasts a new Messenger feature that enables educators to directly send messages to parents and families who use Home. 

The Home parent app helps put families at ease when their children are in care. Messages sent from Playground can be viewed in Home, allowing parents to stay actively involved in their child’s learning progress. With this latest messaging feature release, Playground opens an avenue for educators and parents to communicate and collaborate outside the usual comment exchanges in Observations and Moments.  


At the core of QikKids is our desire to provide childcare services with solutions that make day-to-day work simple and easy to navigate. We recognise the extreme value of customer feedback. We listen to your requests and make the necessary improvements to ensure you have a seamless experience.  

 One of the top requests we received from providers via our Canny feature-request portal was for educators and parents to be able to communicate directly with each other. Implementing this latest feature demonstrates that we listen and strive to bring centres and educators the best experience possible.  

 It will now be much easier for educators to connect with families, opening the door to consultations, active communication and stronger partnerships. They can keep in touch in real-time to talk about children’s learning outcomes, their behaviour and updates on programmes and plans, all of which are beneficial to bringing a personalised approach to each child. Parents can now quickly update educators on minor concerns, such as when they’re running late, without the need to create a Memory or phone the centre.   

Get to know Playground’s new Messenger feature to see how it simplifies parent-educator collaboration and creates an environment that helps children flourish. 


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Patricia Podolig Donaldson

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