Prepare for the Jobs for Families Child Care Package with the Right Day Care Management Software Solutions

Right now, your day care business is probably set up to accept regular cash payments as well as payments through the Child Care Benefit (CCB) and Child Care Rebate (CCR) subsidy programs. As of July 2018, though, these programs will both be replaced by the new Child Care Subsidy, a new single payment model. This new system is being adopted as part of the new Jobs for Families Child Care Package, a government initiative designed to make child care ‘more affordable, accessible and flexible.’ The package will provide more access to child care subsidies ‘to the families that work the most hours,’ as well as larger grants ‘to the families who earn the least.’

How will this new subsidy impact you and your child care business? Perhaps the biggest effect that it will have is on your day care management system. The system that you now use to manage payments, bookings and other key child and family information will need to be updated to go along with the new subsidy model. Every day care management software provider will need to build new interfaces to link to a new Government IT system to receive payments from the new subsidy program.

Stay Compliant with All Relevant Legislation; Adopt QikKids as Your Day Care Management Service
At QK Technologies, we have spoken with multiple clients in the child care industry who are worried about the impending implementation of the Jobs for Families Child Care Package. Indeed, the forthcoming change marks a significant transition for the industry and businesses that are not ready to meet the new structure by next July could face a range of negative consequences.

Luckily for our clients, QK Technologies is 100% committed to making sure that our day care management solutions are ready for the change. First, we are working closely with the government to ensure that our software will be able to connect to the new IT system and accept payments through the new subsidy.

Secondly, we are ready to help our clients prepare for compliance. Over the course of the next year, QK Technologies will be offering our customers extensive training opportunities to help them become familiar with the new structure and prepare their businesses for the change. These training opportunities will include video tutorials, help documentation and webinars online, as well as a roadshow that will allow clients to get face-to-face training around Australia. Keep an eye on our website and look out for email communications in early 2018 to stay up to date on these training opportunities.

Do You Have Any Questions about the Jobs for Families Child Care Package? Reach out to QK Technologies Today
The child care industry is set to go through something of a sea change next year when the new Jobs for Families Child Care Package goes into effect. Having day care management software you can trust, from a company committed to ensuring complete compliance with the new legislation, will allow your business to make the transition smoothly and comfortably. You can trust that QikKids and the full range of QK Technologies software will be ready for the change. However, if you have any questions about the Jobs for Families Child Care Package and how it will affect your business, feel free to reach out to QK Technologies directly. Dial 1300 367 770 to reach us today.