QikKids expands efforts to future-proof early learning and care in Australia

Educators and caregivers work tirelessly to ensure that the care they deliver serves each child’s needs and fulfils high-quality standards. QikKids has been making this job easier for service providers for over 15 years and is committed to serving the sector for years to come. With an all-in-one, early learning solution, QikKids serves 10,500+ childcare services across Australia & New Zealand and has helped serve more than 100,000 happy families. 

At QikKids, we know that caregivers and educators are wearing multiple hats on any given day. They care for children, create learning plans in advance, and then critically reflect on these to ensure each child’s unique learning journey is being supported. There’s a lot of community engagement involved and centres are continuously trying to connect with their families to develop consistent care routines for children. 

Our software was made to support and complete this childcare experience, simplifying everyday processes for centres and families. 

But the support doesn’t stop there. 

At QikKids we move with purpose—to support your service in becoming more accessible and improving the user experience for families. Our solutions help automate workflows, safely record child data, and boost occupancy for the service, allowing you to maximise growth opportunities in your area. 

Recently, we have accelerated our investment in technology initiatives to support childcare management and also to future-proof it. But, what does this mean for your centre? 

By future-proofing your centre, we make sure that you can keep up with your competition and stay up to date with developments in the industry. The following is a list of features built by our development teams and launched by QikKids in the past year to cater to changing needs of the childcare sector: 


Playground: Remote learning for continued learning and development. 

The QikKids platforms have been supporting services that want to find ways of delivering education and care to children remotely, especially during lockdowns. Virtual learning options are available through Playground, making it possible for you to create value for families, retain children and prevent large dips in occupancy. 


Home App: People Engagement Software (PES) for positive childcare experiences.

An important part of the childcare experience is regular communication with families to help them be a part of children’s education and development. Technology makes this easier, so we’ve built a PES app to give your families peace of mind after sending their child to care. From sleep routines to learning plans, you can offer parents the liberty to view and share child updates in real-time. 

The Home App is rated the highest in user experience by 3000+ users and has achieved 4.8 stars for its remarkable utility as a parent app. Regular child data sharing helps build parent trust over time and contributes to high NQS Ratings due to large amounts of evidence maintained by the service. 

Are you giving your families the best experience available? Learn more here.


Additional support features for faster service delivery 

In the last year, the QikKids platform has been proud to offer integrated management tools with additional support capabilities to help your service get the most out of its childcare solution. Dedicated account managers and faster support channels have provided customers with more communication channels to resolve queries. 

The QikKids development team has grown to 48 members. Each one works to improve the education and care experience for centres and families. A renewed 3-year Desktop API contract with the government reassures our commitment to the education sector and supports us in our plans to serve more happy customers in the coming years. 

At QikKids we are making education great using cutting edge technology. Learn more here or get in touch if you have questions for us.