QikKids fortifies decades long commitment to supporting childcare in Australia. - Childcare Management Software | CCSS Compliance | QikKids

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QikKids fortifies decades long commitment to supporting childcare in Australia.

“QikKids is committed to supporting you.”

For over 15 years, QikKids has helped care providers focus on children’s learning and development, shaping the stories of numerous educators and caregivers with its innovative solutions. 

The QikKids support teams have made this possible by providing hands-on support to early learning and care providers in delivering high-quality services to countless children across Australia. Support at QikKids has always favoured customers who need additional care & attention, to implement premier childcare software offerings and seamless integrations. Dedicated account managers and faster communication channels are still helping to meet the needs of thousands of providers who share our unrelenting passion for childcare. 

Over time, the leading QikKids technology has evolved to account for some of the most complex childcare tasks, and today, it covers a broad range of use cases and services. QikKids has been there to manage Child Care Subsidy (CCS) payments, documentation and storage of child data, and quality compliance for 7000+ childcare centres that continue to place their trust in us. Childcare management tools include a cloud-based administrative app, educator platforms, People Engagement Software (PES) and childcare listing services, among others, and have seen tremendous development in recent years. 

To further benefit our communities and make life easier for even more providers, we have now improved our Support and Communication. 

A dedicated account manager is assigned for each client, allowing more room for the QikKids support team to do what they are best at – personalising the support experience. The support team has grown from 23 to 51 key staff, most of them with extensive experience working in the childcare industry. These are trained professionals who have provided care first-hand and can relate to problems faced by educators in the moment. 

A new phone system has been introduced which has brought down the average wait time by 60% since last year, providing much faster connections for customers with the right support team. Compared to 10 minutes historically, customers only have to wait for an average of 3 minutes per call to have their issues resolved. 

Not only this, QikKids has achieved Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) rating of 96% with continuous feedback, support and loyalty. The customer satisfaction survey has revealed that recent developments at QikKids have been fully welcomed by customers, encouraging us to continue improving down the road. 

QikKids is a community of caregivers and educators that make more than 100,000 families happy. We want to continue making education great by ensuring that this community stays connected and grows stronger by engaging and inspiring each other. The QikKids community on Facebook contributes to this purpose. It allows QikKids members to connect and share ideas with other administrators, leaders and educators. Join the group here to share resources, find support and get inspired today. 

At QikKids, we fully understand that the year 2020 was especially harsh for care providers and that growth opportunities were limited. And so we rolled out free Training Roadshows 2021 in over 34 locations in Australia to help customers get a fresh perspective on childcare management and software solutions. Therefore, training sessions reinforced best practices in QikKids, to allow childcare owners to invest in themselves and their teams. 

Customers found the Roadshows “thorough and helpful” and “learnt a lot about basic features on QikKids desktop, as well as how to troubleshoot.” The ability to ask questions face-to-face and learn about elevating the childcare management experience was exactly what we wanted the roadshows to deliver. The same was well-received by customers. Most educators were happy to get answers to individual situations and challenges throughout and felt more equipped to contribute to their own business success using the new knowledge. 

In addition, QikKids is also extending its capabilities to support businesses in delivering quality childcare through desktop development. With the largest software development team in the sector, QikKids has 48 product team members, who are continuously growing and providing unvarying support to customers every day. They maintain software programs, improve family experiences, and innovate childcare solutions that generate the best care experiences.

QikKids is here to stay, with the signing of the three-year Desktop API contract with the Australian government. A QikKids Product Roadmap, shared publicly with all customers, will outline future plans to build and grow the platform over the next three years. You can also contribute to the QikKids platform by sharing feature ideas with the Product Team through the QikKids Canny board

At QikKids, we are guided by our core values of making life simple, moving with purpose, building for people and creating lasting communities. Our inspiring support culture has been particularly conducive to the QikKids vision of making education great, and we are committed to upholding this quality service for years to come.

“QikKids is here to stay.”