Quality Daycare Service, Solutions, and Software for Your System

When parents take their children to a daycare service, they expect nothing but the best. QK Technologies offer a variety of methods to help you ensure that you meet the expectations of your parents from the moment they set foot in your door. We understand the importance of building trust and respect in this industry, and we have the tools you need to create long-lasting relationships with your clients.

One of the most effective ways we have of helping you create parental trust is our daycare software app, My Family Lounge. This app acts as a portal for parents and allows them to monitor their child’s progress throughout the day as well as book in for casual days in your service. This app is an add-on and requires QK Enrol or QKeYLM for maximum effect.

Aside from granting parents access to their child’s portfolio and progress reports, the My Family Lounge app offers one other excellent benefit: lifelong access to any daycare system that uses QKeYLM and/or QK Enrol. This means that parents can move their child to different centres as needed and still have access to their child’s information.

My Family Lounge is excellent for providing parents with ease of access to their child’s childcare centre history, and is a must have for those seeking daycare solutions to information sharing issues.

Easily Manage Your Daycare System
Running a daycare system involves more than caring for children, though that is the most important task you will face. Other factors include administrative tasks such as keeping parents informed about their children, as well as tracking attendance and progress. With the right daycare software, these central elements are easily managed.

We offer a broad range of programs to help you increase efficiency and minimise bookkeeping mistakes. Maintaining accurate records is essential to any daycare service, no matter its size. Our programs will help you communicate with parents through messages; assist you in providing detailed progress reports; allow parents to check their child’s progress, and more.

Our staff members have years of experience working in the industry, and we are in constant communication with our clients. This interface provides us with the opportunity to learn about current trends in daycare service, which in turn allows us to create effective solutions to a variety of problems encountered in the day to day operation of daycare centres.

Improved Performance through Technology
Technology already plays a significant role in modern life, and childcare is no exception. We understand the value software can bring to the daycare experience, and have created a variety of programs for implementation at your service.

Our QikKids base program provides such services as detailed child records and contact information; attendance record management; and fantastic reporting. The best thing about QikKids, however, is its ability to integrate our other programs. These programs manage payment options, enrolment, and much more.

Our program integration can help your centre provide the daycare service your clients expect and deserve. Reach out to us today to learn more about what we have to offer and how you can get started with QK Technologies. We have the daycare solutions you have been seeking.