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QK Technologies provides day care solutions to over 10,500 childcare services across Australia & New Zealand, making us a leader in the industry. Our success has been due in part to reliable products, excellent support, and listening to our clients’ wants and needs. Our main program, QikKids, has grown significantly in features and functionality over the years making it a leader in the industry.

Now in addition to managing parent and child accounts, the core program also offers comprehensive reports which can be scheduled for delivery via our batch reporting service, making it easier for centre managers to consolidate attendance rolls, payments received and debts owed. Furthermore, we have several enhancements to the main program to increase operational efficiency in your centre.

QK Enrol is one such enhancement. As the name implies, this add-on is intended to help you manage booking and enrolment for your centre. Integrated with the core program, this day care software works hand in hand with a personal touch with parents looking to place their children in your care. Parents can visit your website directly and sign up for your waitlist online via My Family Lounge. Other perks of the program include customisable enrolment forms, waitlist management, and casual booking management, making it a must-have for any day care service.

We stand by all our products, and will gladly address any questions or concerns you have about how to implement our programs with your day care system. Your satisfaction is important to us.

Innovative Day Care Solutions
One of the more difficult tasks facing child care service directors is keeping track of relevant information. Enrolment sheets, payments, absences, waiting lists, and more all need curation. You have several options available when it comes to choosing day care software for your service, and  QikKids is the best of them. The program suite is easy to use and offers a broad range of custom options. You can trust that our products will perform the tasks you expect of them when you need them.

One of our more popular packages is the QKeYLM add-on. This program is excellent for educators. Share learning material and progress with parents using this program. Plan lessons and activities, create observations and daily journals and share the results with parents and children from across your day care system. The add-on can also be used to create learning goals and assessment criteria.

Due to its online nature,  QKeYLM can be accessed from anywhere, making it convenient for parents who love to check their child’s progress.

In addition to providing parents with a convenient way for them to look at the program, QKeYLM also allows you to let them in on the fun.  Take photos of a child and share them with the parents, or send out stories and projects created by the children. QKeYLM is an excellent way to increase parental involvement.

When you are looking for a company that has a variety of solutions to issues facing your day care service, contact QK Technologies. We are happy to assist you.

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We pride ourselves on offering nothing but the best customer service. Our support staff has years of experience in the industry, and can quickly help you resolve most issues you may face when using our programs. QK Technologies is here to help you provide unsurpassed service to your clients.