Second-to-None Customer Support: The X-Factor of the Child Care Management Solutions from QK Technologies

Have you ever used a childcare management system that froze up for no reason or lost your data inexplicably? If so, you’ve probably gone through the gauntlet of trying to get in touch with customer support—not always an easy process. Too often, online and telephone support processes involve frustrating ticket queues, unhelpful automated systems or other factors that waste your time without solving your problem.

At QK Technologies, one of the things we wanted to do when we built our child care management system QikKids was offer a higher level of customer support. Of course, we also worked to create a bug-free software that would allow child care business owners to manage bookings, payments, contact information and more without running into significant technical difficulties. However, the fact is that every software program needs customer support—whether to help handle bugs or to assist new users in locating and accessing key features. Since any piece of software is only as good as its customer support, we wanted to build the best customer support system in the childcare management software industry.

We believe we succeeded.

What to Expect from QK Customer Support
The first thing we did when building a customer support system for our childcare management solutions was build the right team. One of the conceptions that many customers have about support personnel is that they aren’t that knowledgeable. Instead, support workers are often just reading from a script. They can’t provide a lot of insight on the problem a customer is having because they don’t have the necessary knowledge and experience themselves.

At QK Technologies, the client support system for childcare management services employs support personnel with genuine industry experience. Indeed, our staff brings a combined total of 300 years’ experience in the childcare software industry. Our support team knows our software—from QikKids to supporting programs like QK Enrol and QK Kiosk—and can help you troubleshoot virtually any issue you might be having.

The other reason that our customer support system is the X-factor for our childcare management software is that it dispenses with the conventional ‘email ticket queue’ process. Our call centre is open from 8 am to 5 pm (Queensland time) Monday through Friday, and if you call anytime during those hours, you will be assisted by a human support professional. If you need out of hours support help, you can check out QK Support Central, an online database of FAQs, video tutorials and product guides that can help you navigate your childcare management system.

Get the Customer Assistance You Deserve for Your Childcare Management Solutions
At QK Technologies, we can assist you to hit the ground running with our childcare management services. To help you do that, we’ve built a customer support system that we believe is the best in our industry. If you want to speak to a human support representative, dial 1300 367 770. To browse the resources of QK Support Central, click here. We are confident that one of these options will help you find the answer you need.