Simplify One Element of Your Childcare Service with Day Care Payment Software Solutions

Because you have so many responsibilities running a busy child day care service, the last thing you need is to be chasing up payments and employing frustrating data entry software to manage your accounts. Of course, keeping your accounts up to date is of the utmost importance for tax reasons, profit forecasting, and keeping things in order. However, wouldn’t you rather be focusing on taking care of the kids and your staff than trying to be an accountant? And, wouldn’t you prefer to make your accountant’s job easier so you can save money?

Fortunately, there is a way to make billing, payments, and accounts much simpler than you might currently be doing, and that’s by purchasing day care payment solution. At this point, you might think no such solutions exist that could make receiving money from potentially thousands of parents seamless, and you may assume that a software system can’t be trusted to keep your accounts up to date and error-free. However, our day care payment solutions are already helping thousands of businesses receive cash from millions of parents, and they can do the same for you.

At QK Technologies, we’re the pioneers in child care software solutions, with our ground-breaking QikKids system already being used by over 10,500 childcare services across Australia & New Zealand. QikKids simplifies almost every aspect of running a busy day care service, from managing pupils to storing resources, and our QikPay service seamlessly integrates with the system to make complicated payment methods a thing of the past. Now, you don’t have to chase up parents to pay their bills or store hard cash on-site because QikPay allows payments through direct debits, BPAY, credit cards and much more.

Concentrate on What You Do Best Thanks to a Simple Day Care Payment System
Nobody who is responsible for taking care of children wants to waste their time asking parents for money and balancing the books, which is just one reason why our day care payment service is so appealing. Here are just a few of its primary features:

–       Simplify ongoing payments – Before software came along, day care owners and staff had to spend time asking parents to pay their bills when they were late. However, with QikPay, parents can set up a direct debit and have their fees automatically taken from their account, helping them keep on top of their finances and improving your cash flow.

–       Automatically adjusted account balances – It’s not just payments that are made simple with our solutions – balancing the books is now automatic, too. As soon as payment is either accepted or declined, our system will update your records in real time.

–       No more trips to the bank – Nowadays, most people prefer to pay electronically rather than with cash, and you can allow parents to do this with QikPay. You won’t have to store vast sums of money on-site, and you won’t have to trek to the bank every week to update your account.

The Future is Here
Thanks to our innovative range of software solutions, child care staff can concentrate on what they do best – giving children the skills they need to live a happy and healthy life. Don’t become stressed from sorting out finances and chasing up payments when QikPay can do everything for you, giving you more time to concentrate on your real job.