Why You Should Employ Software Solutions to Bolster Your Kindergarten Payment Service

All parents in Australia and the world want the best for their children, and though it’s important for kids to have fun, it’s also crucial for them to start learning and making sense of the world from a young age. Because of this, many parents opt to send their children to kindergarten before starting formal education, meaning you can have an active role in the development of our youngest generation. Running a child care service can be rewarding, but that’s not to say it’s without its challenges.

As a professional working in child care, you face a lot of pressure to do everything you can to ensure each child you’re responsible for benefits from your service, and that means you need to dedicate all your working hours to them. However, giving children your undivided attention around the clock can be challenging when you have other tasks to complete, such as chasing up parents for payments and balancing the books. Fortunately, thanks to modern software solutions, you no longer need to do any of those things, and the market-leading system is currently our QikPay.

At QK Technologies, we’ve developed a broad range of ground-breaking solutions that have helped thousands of child care services improve their offering significantly. Our flagship system, QikKids, is already live in over 10,500 establishments across Australia & New Zealand, and it’s taken the industry by storm thanks to its ability to streamline tasks from pupil management to locating learning resources. Now, you can integrate QikPay with QikKids to make accepting and chasing payments simple, and the intuitive system is just as easy to use as it is comprehensive.

Why Our Kindergarten Payment System is Perfect for You
QikPay lets you accept payments via a range of methods, such as BPAY and credit cards, and there are already millions of parents paying via this system across Australia. When a parent makes a payment, your records are automatically updated, and billing options are flexible to suit any requirement. Plus, you can set up direct debits so that the money is automatically deducted from their bank account on the agreed date, helping you improve your cash flow and parents stay on top of their finances. Here’s why our kindergarten payment solutions are so beneficial:

–       Minimise human error – We all make mistakes from time to time because we’re only human, but errors in your accounts can be problematic and difficult to set right. You won’t have to worry about mistakes with our kindergarten payment software.

–       No more chasing up parents – Nobody wants to ask parents to settle their bill, but at the end of the day, you must make a profit to keep doing what you’re doing. Now, parents can set up direct debits quickly with our kindergarten payment service.

–       More time for the kids – The biggest benefit of QikPay is that it saves you hours every week, giving you more time to focus on doing what you want to do – prepare children for a bright future.

Transform Your Payment System
At QK Technologies, everything we develop is to make your life simpler so that you can pay as much attention as possible to the needs of your pupils. Contact us today to learn more about how QikKids and QikPay can help you.