Enhance each child’s learning journey to improve your NQS QA1 ratings

Find out how to document the careful planning involved in your child-centred learning program.

The National Quality Standard Quality Area 1 (QA1) underlines the importance of providing early learners with an environment that supports and develops their strengths, interests and expression. Your centre can optimise learning opportunities for children by adopting the right approved learning framework for your centre, documenting critical reflections and using a robust assessment and planning cycle. 

One of the critical requirements of QA1 is that early childhood care and education services organise routines where the children are at the centre of the learning process. Having child-centred programming means that activities are carefully designed—based on each child’s current knowledge, strengths, ideas, culture, abilities and interests. Our guide will help you better understand how your educational program can optimise children’s learning and development. 

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QikKid's QA1 Guide

Practical tips to ensure your service meets NQS QA1 requirements 

  • Use an approved learning framework to prepare a curriculum for your service 
  • Record evidence for each child’s current skills, knowledge, culture and abilities 
  • Encourage children to make their own choices when they are at your service 
  • Analyse observations to find out what children want to learn 
  • Assess and evaluate each child’s learning and development journey