Is your centre’s physical environment safe?

NQS QA3 underlines the value of designing facilities appropriately to ensure children’s safety

Childcare centres should take the time to carefully consider how the design of their facilities will impact the behaviours of early learners. In addition, cleanliness and maintenance of service facilities must also be a top priority. Premises and equipment must be safe, clean and regularly maintained to ensure the safety of children and staff.

Assess your centre’s physical environment with our easy-to-follow checklist and improve your NQS ratings for Quality Area 3.

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A safe and inclusive physical environment can improve your NQS ratings

We have combined Quality Area 3 top considerations to help your centre prepare for your next assessment. Here are some areas to consider:

  • Is the environment designed to be flexible and adaptable?
  • Are all staff able to explain the motivation behind the design of the environment and equipment?
  • Is the environment regularly modified to stimulate and challenge children, by either staff or children?
  • Does the centre have a sustainability plan, and is it implemented?