Aim for higher Quality Area 4 ratings on your next assessment

Our handy checklist will help you prepare for your next evaluation.

For your next Quality Area 4 assessment, having qualified and experienced staff is an important indicator of the quality of care your centre provides. It’s important to show evidence that your staff meet national and regional regulations for qualified staff (remember, only qualified staff count in educator-to-child ratios). In our checklist, you’ll find important points to consider for your next evaluation:

  • Ensure educators share professional knowledge regularly
  • Work towards helping your staff work collaboratively on centre practices
  • Support the professional development of your educators
  • Use tools, including software, to promote knowledge sharing between educators

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Well-planned staffing arrangements will help you with your NQS ratings

The educators in your service are the focus of Quality Area 4. As the drivers of education in your centre, being able to observe, understand and respond to the needs and interests of children is not only essential for quality education and care but is also in the best interest of your centre—particularly come assessment time. The more you focus on taking care of your staff’s professional growth as an educator, the more you’ll reap the benefits in the long run.