Ensure high NQS QA5 ratings and better connect with children at your centre

Find out now how you can best nurture relationships with children under your care

The significance of developing positive relationships with children is reflected under Quality Area 5 (Relationships with Children). To achieve a high NQS rating in QA5, you need to provide evidence of your educators’ actions supporting children in developing ideas, skills and relationships.

When educational leaders, coordinators, and educators use a positive, strengths-based approach to nurturing children’s behaviour, they eventually empower children to regulate their own behaviour and develop the skills needed to effectively engage and negotiate with others.

Our guide dives deep into the different ways that your centre can help children feel secure in a warm and positive relationship, not just with their educators but also their peers.

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Tips on improving your NQS Ratings in Quality Area 5

In this guide, you will learn:

  • How to help children self-regulate their emotions.
  • How to develop sensitive and responsive educator-child relationships.
  • How preschool children form friendships with children of similar age.
  • How to make every child comfortable with their relationships with educators.