Collaborate with families and communities to improve your Quality Area 6 rating 

Ensure better learning outcomes by ensuring your service works together with families and communities.

Actively communicating with parents about the development of their child throughout their learning journey is essential for a high Quality Area 6 rating. To provide high-quality care, you must have a solid understanding of the best practices with respect to collaborative partnerships with families. In our free guide, you will learn how cooperation and consultation with families and communities can foster supportive environments for children and families.

These practices will be able to help children:  

  • Feel comfortable with the educators they will be interacting with daily.
  • Have a healthy sense of identity as they learn to navigate challenges.
  • See the centre they are in as a safe space for them to discover and play. 
  • Interact with other families and educators as they become competent learners.
  • Be motivated to learn and reinforce their identity as part of a community. 

Download free guide.

After reading our guide, you will be able to:

  • Find the kinds of activities that can calm children. 
  • Understand how and why transitions are important for children. 
  • Cope with and calm young children when they are frustrated. 
  • Get children to cooperate with you, especially when they need to do something.