Improve your understanding of how governance and leadership affect your QA 7 ratings 

We’ve highlighted the key areas to focus on to boost your Quality Area 7 rating. 

A successful and efficient service begins and ends with solid leadership and a clear vision. Quality Area 7 is concerned with how certified providers can guarantee that systems, methods, and procedures are in place to offer the best service to children and their families. 

Our free guide can help services with:  

  • Developing competent service leaders. 
  • Examining how compliant your service is. 
  • Making sure that rules and procedures are revised. 
  • Applying education and caring concepts throughout your centre. 

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Xplor's QA7 Guide

In this guide to Quality Area 7, you will learn:

  • Why management systems matter more than you may realise
  • Effective record-keeping for essential files
  • How to choose a government-certified childcare software provider
  • Creating a statement of philosophy for your service
  • Making service design decisions that can impact your centre’s performance