Combine the power of Playground and Home to improve the childcare experience for educators and parents 

Using these practical tools together is the best decision for your centre. 

On their own, Playground and Home are handy tools to get things done at your centre efficiently. Playground is an intuitive platform educators use to simplify everyday tasks, such as recording attendance, updating health logs, planning lessons and sharing observations. Home is a handy parent app that allows families to do contactless sign-ins, pay statements online and experience their children’s learning even while they’re apart. Now, imagine harnessing the power of these two platforms together. 

Our guide will show you how Playground and Home work together seamlessly to bridge gaps between educators and families.  

  • Parents can view Observations posted on Playground via Home. 
  • Moments parents share in Home can be viewed by educators using Playground. 
  • Home and Playground create a collaborative platform for parents and educators to interact through comments on Observations.

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Educators and parents will never miss important updates with Playground and Home

With QikKids’ integrated system, the flow of information between Playground and Home is instant and harmonious. On top of the learning observations and documentation, parents and educators can share health and nutrition updates about children. Whatever they log in to the platform is accessible by the other side in real time. Admin work surrounding attendance and bookings becomes quicker as all bookings, sign-ins and notifications on late drop-offs or absences made by parents using Home are reflected in Playground.