Over 100,000 families have confidence in My Family Lounge.

Increasing parent engagement has never been easier. This parent portal is like no other as it connects parents to their child throughout the day by viewing their published portfolios and gives them the convenience to manage their child’s waitlist and enrolments within child care services around Australia. The My Family Lounge parent portal is available to QK clients that have subscribed to use QK Enrol and/or QK Journeys as a part of their QikKids add on services

Maximising Your Centre Occupancy – Waitlist & Enrolment

For QK Enrol, parents can register to go on a services waitlist, accept offers and complete the customised Enrolment forms all from a centralised location. Further to this, Parents can manage their ongoing bookings at the service including requesting changes to booked days and managing casual bookings using the fantastic My Family Lounge App.

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Increasing Your Parent Engagement - Portfolio

For QK Journeys, any published observations, rooms programs, daily journals, photos and pictures of artwork available for parents to view is created and managed by the child care centre staff through QK Journeys - Online NQF Management. Parents from the comfort of their home, office or anywhere using the convenient My Family Lounge App have the ability to view each child's portfolio with their own secure login including notifications to the parents when a new Observation or Daily Journal is published for them to see.

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Access is limitless as parents use their My Family Lounge login details across services

Importantly, Parents that subscribe to QK's My Family Lounge have a portable login across child care groups, thus allowing them to retain a login for life! This means if they move from one childcare service to another, assuming both childcare services subscribe to QK Journeys and/or QK Enrol, the parent keeps the same username and password and manages both records from the same parent portal. Please see the diagram below that visually expresses this.