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Playground UI

The Playground app contains programming and planning functionality so your educators can get more done.

With the latest version of the Playground app, educators using iPads or other iOS devices will be able to:

  • Make updates to teaching plans in the moment—no more struggling to recall forgotten moments of inspiration.
  • Take advantage of enhanced functionality while remaining mobile for more convenience.
  • Obtain past learning information about a child/room/teacher anytime, anywhere—better-individualised planning.

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Why Choose Playground?

This full integration of Playground brings all-in-one functionality to QikKids. You no longer need multiple software applications to run your service. Gone are the days of fighting with multiple apps and programs that don’t like ‘talking’ to each other. Fully integrating Playground with QikKids brings simplicity to your service processes, providing you with one system for managing administration, health, compliance, programming and planning and for parents to use.

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Observation & Documentation

  • Record and document daily observations efficiently—documentation made easy
  • Communicate children’s progress as it happens—parents love regular updates
  • Learning timeline: share photos, videos and daily updates securely
  • Unlimited storage for all children’s portfolios and photos
  • Communicate with parents via the Home parent app and web portal
  • Easily search for any documented evidence within any NQS standard—no endless scrolling
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Health & Safety Updates

  • Health tracking—keep children safer
  • Document and report on toilet, sleep and nutrition events—stored safely and securely in the cloud
  • Digital incident and medication records
  • Offline emergency contact lists
  • Transport lists, emergency evacuation records and headcounts
  • Instant parent engagement
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Learning Plans & Programs

  • Choose from preloaded templates or create your own with Playground’s creative and freeform functionality—create plans that work for you
  • Flexible options to suit your service—plan with mindmaps or tables
  • Ability to leave critical reflections—stored securely in the cloud for your next assessment
  • Link learning documents and experiences
  • Collect parent feedback—further evidence for NQS assessments
  • Learning analysis—track individual and group learning
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With the Playground app’s Messenger feature, educators and parents can effortlessly communicate and collaborate.

  • Outside commenting on Observations and Moments, educators and parents can communicate directly through Messenger.
  • If there are important child updates, parents using the Home app can reach out directly to educators to share notifications.
  • Seamless communication between educators and parents fosters a collaborative partnership that creates a healthy learning environment for children.

Playground provides educators with an efficient, simple way of documenting health, learning and compliance—setting you up for success with less effort. Capture everything you need for parents and assessments with a few clicks—stored in the cloud and easily accessible.

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“My work is also far more portable and accessible with Playground. I can view everything on my tablet while I’m out on the road. I can easily get a quick overview of all the data we need to track attendance and ratios.”


Fantastic training, excellent accessibility and unlimited storage for all children’s portfolios and photos anywhere, anytime.