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 Playground – The best thing for learning and safety

Observe, track, and plan more efficiently to get your educators back with the children.

  • Daily observations and documentation
  • Full health recording: Nappy changes, sleep checks, medication, incident records
  • Countdown timers for health events
  • Learning timeline: Photos, videos, daily updates
  • Easily search for any documented evidence within any NQS standard, no endless scrolling
  • Custom free form planning: Drag-and-drop
  • Live learning: Remote streaming
  • At-home learning: Lesson plans
  • 'Home' - Parent app/web portal



Someya Variava, CCS Support Manager

“My work is also far more portable and accessible with Playground. I can view everything on my tablet while I’m out on the road. I can easily get a quick overview of all the data we need to track attendance and ratios.”

It helps educators – and connects parents with an App

Fantastic Training and excellent accessibility and unlimited storage for all children’s portfolios and photos anywhere, anytime.

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