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QikKids isn’t changing.

The team is staying the same. And the QikKids platform will be supported for years to come.

We have, however, introduced new options for you – your service now has the accelerated opportunity to choose from your existing Desktop products or a new range of Cloud products. These cloud products were previously being built as ‘QikKids Next’ and are now being called ‘QikKids Cloud’. Rest assured that we are wholeheartedly focussed on your service, combining 15+ years of in-depth CCS experience from the QikKids team, with the modern and cutting-edge technology of the Cloud products.

Understand the differences between QikKids Desktop and QikKids Cloud in detail below:



  • Functionality

  • Features

  • Product logins

  • Submissions

  • Accessibility

  • Interface


  • Expertise

  • Hours

  • Channels

  • Call wait-times

  • Feature updates


  • Frequency

  • Amount (*excl.GST)


  • Existing features & reports

  • Separate logins for each product

  • Manual entry & checking process

  • Windows Desktop only

  • product
  • Same team (15+ years of experience)

  • 8am – 5pm AEST

  • Phone, Email

  • Upgraded

  • Existing features will continue to be supported.

  • Monthly or Annual

  • Same pricing from $150 p/m*




  • HOME

  • Upgraded, real-time visibility

  • ‘One login’ to all products

  • Automated submission options

  • Access anywhere, on any device

  • product
  • Same team (15+ years of experience)

  • Extended, 7am – 7pm AEST

  • Live Chat, Phone, Email

  • Upgraded

  • All new features will be released on Cloud only.

  • Monthly or Annual

  • Same pricing from $150 p/m*

Q & A

No, you are not required to move to our new Cloud products and we will continue to support ALL existing QikKids products. We have, however, accelerated the rollout of our Cloud products (previously being developed as ‘QikKids Next’) and are happy to be able to offer you this option if you would like to upgrade your existing products for no extra cost. Over 2,000 centres have or are migrating across to these new Cloud products, and the choice is entirely yours.

The typical price for QikKids Desktop and Kiosk is $150 p/m. The Cloud products that you need to match this functionality is called ‘Office Lite’ which is also $150 p/m.

With desktop solutions, the software must be downloaded and installed on your computer, and the software can only be accessed by a person sitting at that keyboard. With cloud-based tools, you can access the software and data anywhere at any time- including on a Mac and your mobile phone.

One portal to manage all your child care management software such as waitlists, fees, enrolments, parent engagement, attendance and more. This ease of accessibility allows your software to be as flexible as you need it to be so you can manage your business anytime from anywhere. Quality and performance are improved as software updates are installed automatically. Your service’s data is at its most secure and backed up in the QikKids cloud for peace of mind if you ever experience hardware loss or failed network backups.

Yes - QikKids Desktop and Cloud are two different platforms. Whilst all core features that you need to run your service are available on our Cloud platform (we have over 2,000 services running their centres on the Cloud), we are still continuing to build out more functionality. Please feel free to reach out to one of our friendly sales representatives to discuss your specific needs to find a solution which is right for you.

Yes, all data migration is handled for you by our specialised onboarding team. We also have unlimited training and onboarding support available free. If at any stage during the migration you don’t feel you’re ready- our team will be available for 1-to-1 sessions and additional support at no cost. We’re here to help you feel comfortable with the transition.

Both QikKids and Xplor are now part of TSG, and are built and operated by the same teams (150 people based in Brisbane & Melbourne). The cloud products being offered by both companies are the same.

No more App fatigue for parents. On QikKids Desktop parents often have multiple logins to access different applications about their child. On Cloud they'll finally have one easy to use App named Home where they can manage everything for their children, such as viewing statements, health & safety tracking, videos, photos and more.

Still have questions?

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