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Welcome to QikKids next, we're so excited to have you onboard! We are thrilled to provide you various methods of training to suit different learning styles so all your staff can use QikKids next confidently. Select the type of training you're interested in to discover how to use your program to its full potential!
Qikkids next Training - Articles (360 x 240)

1. QikKids next – Articles

With the QikKids next user guides you can easily refer to them anytime and learn at a pace that suits you.

Qikkids next Training - Videos (360 x 240)

2. QikKids next – Videos

Using these self-paced videos you can get the help you need anytime, anywhere.

Begin your journey by watching Setup After Activation to complete the steps required in QikKids in order to enable your login to QikKids next. After which, select the modules relevant to your specific training needs and start exploring QikKids next!

Setting up after Activation

QikKids next Dashboard

Managing Bookings

Accessing QikKids next

QikKids next Rolls Screen

QikKids next User Roles

QikKids next Families Screen