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New Child Care Package Overview

While the New Child Care Package is a significant change for the industry, QK is committed to simplifying and automating the processes for you allowing you to focus on the educational experience of your children.

The key changes coming are as follows:

Child Care Subsidy (CCS)

The Department of Education has created a useful tool that you can distribute to parents allowing them to estimate their child care subsidy under the new rules. Feel free to share the following link with your parents allowing them to self-serve this calculator

Family Child Care Subsidy Estimator

1. Combined family income

A family’s income will determine the percentage of Child Care Subsidy for which they are eligible for, with more financial support available to lower income families.

These figures will be increased by the Consumer Price Index (CPI) when the package begins in July 2018.
* Subsidy rate of actual fee charged or the maximum hourly rate cap

More Information on Combined Family Income

2. Activity level of parents

The number of hours of subsidised care families can access will be determined by an activity test. The higher the level of activity, the more hours of subsidised care families can access, up to a maximum of 100 hours per fortnight.
In families with two parents, the parent with the lowest hours of activity will determine the hours of subsidised care.

More Information on the Activity Test

3. Type of child care service

The new Child Care Subsidy is also based on the type of child care your family accesses subject to an hourly rate

  • Centre-based care – $11.55^ per hour
  • Family day care – $10.70^ per hour
  • Outside school hours care – $10.10^ per hour
More Information on the Types of Child Care Service

The Child Care Safety Net

The new child care package includes a Child Care Safety Net to ensure that children in Australia’s most vulnerable families and communities have the opportunity to access quality early learning and child care.

More Information on the Child Care Safety Net

Videos From the Department of Education and Training

Australia’s New Child Care Package – Overview (6 min)
Australia’s New Child Care Package – Child Care Subsidy (20 min)
Australia’s New Child Care Package – Additional Child Care Subsidy (15 min)
Australia’s New Child Care Package – Implementation Arrangements (15 min)

Business Support Tools & Resources

What Can I Do Now as a Service? Register People on PRODA

Provider Digital Access (PRODA) is an online authentication system used to securely access the government 2018 Child Care Subsidy Online System. View the departments fact sheet to understand the different stages of transition.
Fact Sheet – Stages of WHEN to transition

Step 1. Watch the Govt Video to Understand the Different Roles

The New Child Care Package will have different personnel roles. Watch the video that fully explains the new different roles.

New Personnel Roles Video

Step 2. Decide Who in Your Service Needs to Register

Make the decision on which staff within your service should register for PRODA, if unsure call the CCMS Help Desk 1300 667 276 or email

Fact Sheet – WHO should be Registering

Step 3. Ask Selected Staff to Register

Request that these selected staff attain the necessary ID Documentation to register (3 different ID Documents)

Step 4. Register

Have the people register in preparation for linking to your service/organisation next year.
Fact Sheet – HOW to Register for PRODA

Register for PRODA

What Can I Do Now to Prepare Families? Important Family Communication

Step 1. Ask Parents to Estimate Their Entitlements

Ask parents to use the governments Child Care Subsidy Estimator to determine their expected Entitlements.

Family Child Care Subsidy Estimator

Step 2. Make Sure Parents Have a MyGov Account

Ask your parents to ensure they have a MyGov account set up as this will be important in authorising Enrolments and allowing the CCS to flow through.

Setup MyGov Account - Families

Step 3. Advertise & Communicate About the Changes

The Department of Education and Training are running various television and radio advertisements that encourage families to investigate how the changes will affect them. Or direct parents to the government websites to help them understand and get prepared.

The following resources are available to help you communicate to families:
Email Template for Families from DET
Brochure for Families About New Package from DET
Poster for Families About New Package from DET

DET New Child Care Package Website - Families

New Child Care Package Webinars Provided by QK Slide Pack

Thank you to the 1,000’s of clients that have participated in the QK Webinar sessions around the New Child Care Package. We have had an overwhelming response to the sessions and will be planning further sessions early next year to keep you updated on the progress. For those that made the sessions and also for those that missed out, we have made available the slides that you can use as a refresher of the session and perhaps to help other staff in your services understand the upcoming changes.

New Child Care Package Webinar Slide Pack