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Success starts with a seamless payment experience

Our easy, secure payment method saves both families and services time and effort. The convenience and ease of QikPay is exactly what families are looking for.

Improve efficiency by streamlining payment processing

Streamline electronic payment processing, reducing the risk of errors and fraud with QikPay. Take advantage of an unparalleled payment experience that eliminates the need to manage cash or checks manually.

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Pay anywhere, anytime with real-time mobile payments

Families can make real-time payments from their mobile devices at any time from anywhere with PayNow. Simplify your payment process—embrace PayNow and the future of payment management.

QikPay in QikKids

The QikKids experience support team makes setting up QikPay in QikKids simple. As part of our commitment to excellence, we ensure that your payment process is compliant, giving you peace of mind. The Child Care Subsidy System (CCS) integration in QikKids ensures accurate and current payments for your service.

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QikPay in the Home app

Already got Home on your phone? With QikPay, you can pay for childcare quickly and easily. PayNow and QikPay Direct Debit make it easy to manage your childcare fees. Quickly set up your preferred payment method and check your payment statements with ease.

Not a Home user yet? Getting started is as easy as downloading the app.

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The simple way to pay online

With QikPay, childcare services and families can manage their childcare payments securely and hassle-free. Today’s fast-paced world demands convenient payment options and QikPay gives families an easy and flexible way to pay. By using QikPay, you can offer an enhanced customer experience and keep your business competitive.

Stay compliant

Families with children enrolled in Australian childcare will be required to pay gap fees electronically from 1 July 2023. The motivation for this legislation is to prevent fraud and ensure compliance with the Child Care Subsidy. With QikPay, childcare services and families can easily meet these new requirements.

Payment management simplified

Scheduled, automatic payments enable families to easily comply with new payment requirements while reducing debt and increasing cash flow for your service.

Secure electronic payment system for Australians

With QikPay, families can take advantage of scheduled, automatic payments while ensuring the security and safety of their financial data at the same time.

Experienced support team

You can reach out to our dedicated support team if you need assistance setting up QikPay at your service or guiding families through the simple setup process in the Home app. You don’t have to worry about your payments when you choose QikPay.

The childcare sector loves how QikPay removes manual payments.

As someone who used to work in the childcare sector, I know firsthand the pain of manual payment processing. It’s a never-ending cycle of data entry, reconciling and trying to keep up with the latest information. QikPay is a game-changer for anyone involved in payment collection. It’s a lifesaver for our administrators who want to streamline their payment collection process and make their jobs easier.

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Xplor Training Specialist

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