Improving your NQS QA1 ratings

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Are your educators impacting your NQS rating?

Services rated Working Towards NQS recorded the lowest occupancy at 49%. 

Services often fail to prove that they fulfil elements of the National Quality Standard (NQS) related to child learning and development. Are you preparing for an assessment but don’t have enough evidence for your centre’s teaching practices? This guide can help you showcase your educators working hard to follow approved learning frameworks and outcomes. It also illustrates how Programming and Planning (P&P) software can make it easier for your teams to prepare for an audit. 

P&P Software makes visual documentation possible. 

Services using software gained $93K more in revenue. The educator app Playground lets you:

  1. Document spontaneous learning through photos and videos
  2. Create child portfolios and track learning progress
  3. Record child data in a secure, accessible cloud platform 
  4. Share real-time child updates with parents throughout the day

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