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A guide to understanding the differences in software providers.

Child care software companies can be broken into two key categories. Multi-platform solutions are companies that outsource and supplement their software with additional integrations from other companies in order to deliver a more well-rounded service. Single-platform solutions, on the other hand, are companies whose software suite is fully available in house, requiring no external integrations to provide the complete array of features. Use this guide to understand the key considerations on the impacts of your software provider choice.

Key considerations:

  1. Data safety. Should you be concerned about data security with a multi-platform software?
  2. Long-term costs. Is a single-platform software more cost-effective?
  3. Improvements & fixes. Will multi-platform software take more time to release updates and resolve issues?
  4. Seamless user experience. Is it true that single-platform software provides a better user experience for my team and families?

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