I chose QikKids because it’s just always been the better program, it’s so USER-FRIENDLY and INTUITIVE!

QikKids does everything we need it to do and does it for us FAST & EASY! Before QikKids our accounts were just out of control, it definitely makes a HUGE difference to the business having such a good program in place.


Q: What is important to you when considering which CCS software to choose?

A: We wanted something that was intuitive to use, specifically in reporting, especially due to our different centre locations. No matter what form of payments we take, having a good direct debiting system is important to us


Q: Tell us about your history and experience using QK Technologies’ products and services? Why have you chosen QikKids to deliver this key piece of technology for your business?

A: Before, I used another program that was so slow, outdated, not user-friendly. When I started my Director role at Active Kids Mt Gravatt, I told them I’m not even starting this job until I get QikKids because there’s just no point working with other systems.

I chose QikKids because it’s just always been the better program, it’s so USER-FRIENDLY and INTUITIVE to use! If you don’t know how to do something, everything is just there if you click around you’ll find it.

I stayed with QikKids because it just WORKS and works WELL – don’t mess up a good thing! And the SUPPORT that we get from you guys WHENEVER we need it has been great! Even during the extremely busy CCMS transition period, I could still reach you and get help!

It’s not just selling the product and stopping there; it’s about the whole QK offering, it’s the follow-through that counts! We get EVERYTHING we need outta you guys! We don’t get why people would even leave QK?

To us it’s not about the new, flashy and fancy, face-value products – it’s the substance and real value that counts.


Q: Does QikKids help to meet your service’s vision and mission?

A: ABSOLUTELY! All the time saved from using a good digital program like yours means I as an educational leader get so much more time on the floor to focus on programs & practice.

All the time I used to spend on accounts, phoning in and out, reporting, having to store all the signin/signout documents – became time saved to focus on the kids, support & train my staff!