Compared to other software, the intricacies of your system are very well thought out!

Your rolls, reports and financial summaries are far more extensive, we can really see the care, attention, and benefits of using QikKids! QikKids just makes a SIGNIFICANT DIFFERENCE to our days in the office.


Q: What is important to you when considering which CCS software to choose?

A: The main deciding factor was the capacity to register our bond fees – it was the big concern for us; finding a software that could accommodate our daily fees, bond fees and levy fees.

It was easy to see why we needed to change programs, and our parent committee and office manager understood why, because our previous software just couldn’t provide the functions we needed and the parents could really see it! 


Q: Tell us about your history and experience using QK Technologies’ products and services? Why have you chosen QikKids to deliver this key piece of technology for your business?

A: QikKids just makes a SIGNIFICANT DIFFERENCE to our days in the office and the families too, makes a big difference just supporting all our payments.

QikKids has great Financial Summaries too that we couldn’t access using our previous software.

And what’s been most VALUABLE to us is having our most challenging, urgent, pressing questions answered immediately by the Support and Training teams!