Enrol really takes valuable time and pressure off staff, everyone WELCOMED it, parents LOVED it too because it was so EASY to use!

Enrol streamlines the whole booking and enrolment process! Our inflow of children is very transient, but with Enrol there’s flexibility and convenience for parents using casual bookings, both sides don’t need to keep ringing each other up when already so busy!


Q: Tell me about your experience with Enrol?

A: Before we only had a main reception area at the gym where they handled the phone call bookings for all 250+ children, but Enrol’s casual bookings lets the parents have 24/7 management with this mobile technology and speed. So parents don’t need to commit to paying if they don’t come when e.g. their child is unwell / they’re going on holiday / sudden cancellations.


Q: Why is Enrol important to your service?

A: We still retain control because Enrol allows us to set limited spaces and cut-off times for booking cancellations – helps us to be properly staffed in advance to care for the kids!

And online enrolment is SO QUICK now we have people filling forms out the previous night and booking in the next morning!