I don’t usually rave about computer programs, but in our centres QikKids has just been a GODSEND!

QikKids has been such a massive timesaver for us – what would usually take me days or usually take me 3-4 hours took me just 30 seconds! The admin is just GONE, and I can do other things now!


Q: What is important to you when considering which CCS software to choose?

A: We really needed a program that was really flexible and could cater for our extremely unique offering and complicated fee structures. We don’t just have casual bookings with many kids coming and going, but also have different types of care and fees, member and non-member prices.

So before QikKids we used to just have physical folders full of different names, fees, combinations of care types, all filed inside one folder manually.

With our previous software, one thing they couldn’t do that was really important to me, was the ability to manage having so many family accounts, each with multiple children. They also had quite limited reporting capabilities.


Q: Tell us about your history and experience using QK Technologies’ products and services? Why have you chosen QikKids to deliver this key piece of technology for your business?

A: QikKids had the extremely important features of being able to manage having so many family accounts, each with multiple children. And QikKids could do excellent reports on multiple family accounts.

QikKids payments has been really good because it allows us to track the family’s account balances even across different service centres now.

We found QikKids so easy to set up and easy to adapt it to all our different types of care, sessional, occasional, and long daycare, because the program has so many options to choose from!

Bulk emailing is also VITAL to us, it’s an absolute timesaver compared to other software, it’s such an easy way to communicate with 200+ ppl, families are always aware of their account balances, and there’s no awkward face-to-face conversations about chasing late payments / debt.

And now almost all of our other YMCA childcare services have switched to using QikKids as well!