Kiosk SAVES US SO MUCH TIME in admin duties! We no longer have to keep calling up parents everyday

We use the messaging function to ensure EVERYONE reads our message. Also, when you have 200+ kids waiting for ratio checks so they can go play, you need something that is quick, easy, and simple like Kiosk’s headcount function.


Q: Tell me about your experience with Kiosk?

A: We no longer have to call parents to tell them something that we can just put in a message. It allows us to have a totally new type of communication with families which is always really important


Q: Why is Kiosk important to your service?

A: With Kiosk it has made those really arduous and stressful tasks like chasing up absences, and ensuring that you’re getting that person when you need to talk that person, just so much QUICKER and EASIER!