We are LOVING Kiosk – it has worked really well, before Kiosk it was just a mess!

We LOVE the messaging function! We could get rid of our physical ‘Pocket Wall’ that parents didn’t really read, and replace it with Kiosk’s bulk messaging and incident reporting functions, it really takes the pressure off!


Q: Tell me about your experience with Kiosk?

A: Before Kiosk, most parents didn’t check their physical pocket notes daily – but with Kiosk’s bulk and individual messaging function now you can see that they have definitely read it!


Q: Why is Kiosk important to your service?

A: The incident report notification function especially, is extremely helpful for our educators – our staff on different shifts will know what’s going on currently and what went on before. We’re not always trying to remember which/all the parents we have to catch at the end of the day, so Kiosk has worked REALLY well. 


Q: How has your engagement with parents changed since you’ve started using something completely digital like Kiosk?

A: Actually, I DON’T find that Kiosk replaces the face-to-face conversations or interpersonal relationships with parents – if anything, Kiosk SPARKS the conversation with parents, encourages the engagement!