Our Testimonials: The QikKids Experience

Kiosk SAVES US SO MUCH TIME in admin duties! We no longer have to keep calling up parents everyday

We use the messaging function to ensure EVERYONE reads our message. Also, when you have 200+ kids waiting for ratio checks so they can go play, you need something that is quick, easy, and simple... (Read more)
Sally Roebuck, Ops Manager / Bulimba State School OSHC

The reality is that without QikKids, we couldn’t run our business here

I've known QikKids since 2001, everything we do in the office involves QikKids! Looking at the business and key metrics every week, giving Managers tools to EASILY see where the center's tracking financially... (Read more)
Jae Fraser, Owner / The Scholars Group

Enrol really takes valuable time and pressure off staff, everyone WELCOMED it, parents LOVED it too because it was so EASY to use!

Enrol streamlines the whole booking and enrolment process! Our inflow of children is very transient, but with Enrol there's flexibility and convenience for parents using casual bookings... (Read more)
Tricia Hackett, Program Coordinator / YMCA Casey ARC

New parents who joined were GOBSMACKED that they never had the chance to use Journeys before!

Before Journeys we spent hours programming and writing all the observations into many portfolio files, doing everything by hand! Journeys is so user-friendly, it was so much easier for parents... (Read more)
Deb Sizemore, General Manager / Lil' Antz

I have been a QikKids user in a variety of capacities for the past TWENTY PLUS YEARS!

As with any software program, challenges can sometimes present themselves, but I have found that the QikKids team has listened and worked through options that make the relationship stronger and beneficial... (Read more)
Nikki Miers, Development Manager & Specialist / Various

Compared to other software, the intricacies of your system are very well thought out!

Your rolls, reports and financial summaries are far more extensive, we can really see the care, attention, and benefits of using QikKids! QikKids just makes a significant difference to our days... (Read more)
Melinda Williams, Director / Belmont Community CC

The ability to be innovative and talking with all staff at QikKids has allowed us to be heard, making things a lot easier.

The ideas that we're presenting as the YMCA, together with everyone else at these co-design forums, we're really moving with parent demands and our organisational demands. And we're moving quite quickly... (Read more)
Liam Dyer, OSHC Manager / YMCA Brisbane

Just letting your customers talk about their pain points and help develop to make our jobs easier on the front line, it’s really good!

With the regulations and everything changing all the time, we are having the opportunity to share our input and be able to cross those compliance requirements off easier through that parent integration and system integration... (Read more)
Kasandrah Jones, OSHC Support / YMCA Brisbane

For sustainability and such an affordable price, Kiosk was an EASY, CONVENIENT choice for us

With messaging, sensitive conversations about debt can be private, so that face-to-face we can actually have meaningful conversations with the families about their children and not just about accounts... (Read more)
Tricia Hackett, Program Coordinator / YMCA Casey ARC

To see QikKids incorporate, respect us, and want to know what we as end users need out of the product, it’s fantastic.

It's been a really good experience. We've been long-term users of QikKids for over eight years - we feel well-supported and we feel all our ideas are being listened to... (Read more)
Robyn Hall, Director / Hall Thorpe Sports

I love that we’re able to take our clients’ feedback and take it straight to the software designers at QikKids.

You guys are allowing us to have that wholehearted experience - I feel like what we're doing at the QikKids forums is really going to benefit our clients and the children... (Read more)
Priscilla Farry, Operations Coordinator / Eagleby Kids ELC

I chose QikKids because it’s just always been the better program, it’s so USER-FRIENDLY and INTUITIVE!

QikKids does everything we need it to do and does it for us FAST & EASY! Before QikKids our accounts were just out of control, it definitely makes a HUGE difference to the business having such a good program in place... (Read more)
Amy Bodel, Director / Active Kids Mt Gravatt

Kiosk has made those really arduous, stressful tasks like chasing up absences just so much QUICKER & EASIER!

With 200 kids descending on us every afternoon, we have a lot of incident reports to chase up and the only way we would be able to do that and comply with legislation is through Kiosk's messaging function... (Read more)
Sally Roebuck, Ops Manager / Bulimba State School OSHC

They’ve obviously listened, they’re putting it into fruition, and are almost two steps ahead of us. So I’m really impressed!

They're genuinely listening to us and they're going, "That's a really great idea." They're writing it all down. Things that we're talking about, they're actually saying, "We're already doing that.... (Read more)
Kathryn Lee, Business Manager / Eagleby Kids ELC

Our onboarding experience with Kiosk was GREAT, THOROUGH, we even had face-to-face help!

It was such an easy transition, there doesn't need to be any build-up or planning you just put it on your desk one day, help parents set up and it’s DONE!... (Read more)
Amy Bodel, Director / Active Kids Mt Gravatt

What sets QikKids apart is their CUSTOMER SERVICE! We found QikKids 12 years ago and never looked back, it’s just been WONDERFUL!

The program is so versatile it doesn't matter what your service needs, QikKids can cover it! We've always relied very heavily on QikKids making everything run smoothly for us, QikKids definitely has a RIPPLE EFFECT on our business!... (Read more)
Holly Seeley, CEO / Lil' Antz

Working alongside QikKids really helps to bring QK into our services as well, to be a partner and a voice

QikKids forums really help us get our own thoughts and opinions out about what we want to see in the future. Seeing all those things we discussed in the forums previously come into action - and that we get to be a part of that see it all grow and go forward - is really exciting... (Read more)
Jackie Want, Head Office Team / LEAD Childcare

I can definitely see how you guys come up with great ideas because you ask everyone for their opinions

It's good to see everyone together and working as a team. It's really nice to see that and I can definitely see how you guys come up with great ideas because you ask everyone for their opinions and it's good that you take it on board too and not just say, "Oh, no. We've got something else."... (Read more)
Chelsea Davies, Parent Accounts / LEAD Childcare

I feel like I’m a part of developing what’s going to work for us all on the ground rather than someone behind the scenes.

We're being heard so it's really good. It's also a good opportunity to hear what everyone else does, how they use it, what's good for them, and other ways we didn't think of that we could use it. So it's always about learning new things, which is great... (Read more)
Rebecca Fien, Parent Accounts / AEIOU

I don’t usually rave about computer programs, but in our centres QikKids has just been a GODSEND!

QikKids has been such a massive timesaver for us - what would usually take me days or usually take me 3-4 hours took me just 30 seconds! The admin is just GONE, and I can do other things now!... (Read more)
Tricia Hackett, Program Coordinator / YMCA Casey ARC

Kiosk has automated a lot for us and removed a lot of the manual labour from our Centre Managers’ workloads

It has given us tools to make our jobs easier - the ratio checks, quick number counts, departmental spot checks have allowed us to quickly just access that information and it's so much easier... (Read more)
Jae Fraser, Owner / The Scholars Group

Kiosk’s incident report notification function has been EXTREMELY HELPFUL for us!

Now our educators can know what’s going on with each incident even if it occurred on different shifts. We're not always trying to remember which/all the parents we have to catch... (Read more)
Deb & Holly, GM & CEO / Lil' Antz

The fact that Enrol manages everything for us just COMPLETELY REMOVES the BURDEN of paperwork!

Enrol, I can't even imagine what we would do without it! We used to be getting upwards of a HUNDRED emails a day from parents for casual bookings alone because... (Read more)
Sally Roebuck, Ops Manager / Bulimba State School OSHC

We are LOVING Kiosk – it has worked really well, before Kiosk it was just a mess!

We LOVE the messaging function! We could get rid of our physical 'Pocket Wall' that parents didn't really read, and replace it with Kiosk's bulk messaging and incident reporting functions, it really takes the pressure off!... (Read more)
Deb Sizemore, General Manager / Lil' Antz